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Since 1977, our professionals have been widely recognized in the fields of urban planning, landscape architecture, strategy, urban design and heritage studies. Our integrity and philosophy of integrated and sustainable development have enabled us to achieve a number of innovative and award-winning projects.


Founded in 1981, Decarel offers full services in project management, construction management and general company management as well as various specialized services in the field of building construction.Decarel is one of just a few pioneering firms and a leader in building management and construction management in Québec; it has developed a management philosophy, databases and experience in working with crown corporations.


Nordic Structures designs, markets and sells wood products and construction systems manufactured by its sister company, Chantiers Chibougamau, using black spruce from the boreal forests. Its team of building experts oversees the engineering and construction of wooden structures and provides technical assistance for product distribution. The company distinguishes itself through its expertise, the quality of its products and the respect it shows for the expectations of clients in terms of service, logistics and budget.

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